Periods, Colds, and GIFs

Oh man! Sometimes it is one giant uphill battle being a lady. Am I right? When Aunt Flow comes to visit me monthly I’m usually at my lowest. The first day kicks my booty right onto the couch with a pint of cookie dough. I’ve also been getting over a sinus thing this week that I picked-up during last week’s visit to the ER, so it was like a double whammy when I got my period yesterday. I realized I hadn’t really written much about my period on her or anywhere for that matter, so I thought it was worth discussing a little bit, especially since we ladies deal with ’em monthly. I always feel super knocked out for the 5 days it happens, like I’m super sleepy and super hungry for junk food. I guess it’s sort of a cliche when you think about it, but I also think it’s pretty fucking awesome and we’re total warriors for dealing with this pain like we do. I found these hilarious GIF’s that really took the edge off last night’s cramps and I want to share them with you, so the next time you find yourself balled up on the couch you don’t have to feel too lonely.

1. Because day one feels like this,

giphy (8).gif

2. Because calling it a baby box makes it exponetially cuter,

giphy (9).gif

3. Because we’re all adults here,

giphy (10).gif

4. Because sometimes you’ve got to give into the cravings no matter what,

giphy (11).gif

5. But when it’s all over I’m like, 

giphy (12).gif



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